15 Things You Can Do For Your Partner in 15 Seconds

You have the intention of wanting to give your partner the world, but you just don’t have the time. With your career, the kids, maintaining friendships, balancing hobbies, plus the ~400 other things you have to do, remembering to tell your partner how much you love them just isn’t at the top of the “must-do” list. 

And yet, why not? How long does it take to show your partner a quick gesture of care? We’ve created this list of 15 things you can do for your partner in 15 seconds to show that you can balance everything– your life, your love, and your career. All you need is creativity and a few seconds!

15-second things you can do for your partner

  1. Wake them up with coffee or tea in the morning, and a kiss on the forehead
  2. Write them an “I’m thinking of you” text
  3. Let them take a break while you play with the kids
  4. Tell them 3 things you love about them
  5. When you’re making your lunch, make theirs, too
  6. Walk over and hug them right now, just because
  7. Pick up their favorite sweet treat or some flowers on the way home from work
  8. Turn towards them in their bids for connection
  9. Surprise them by making a reservation for a future date night
  10. Ask them what they need from you
  11. Leave a loving note for them so they see it when they wake up in the morning
  12. Put an “I love you” post it on their mirror
  13. Put a picture of you two on the fridge, wait for them to notice
  14. Schedule your email to send them sweet letters once every few weeks
  15. Send them a song that makes you think of them

We hope this non-exhaustive list is helpful! Remember: Take advantage of the small moments. Don’t let them fall to the wayside– the more intentional you are about the interactions you are already having, the more likely you two are to feel satisfied in your relationship.

If you’re feeling stuck, give us a call! We would love to schedule an appointment with you two to help you brainstorm how to get back in your groove. 

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