About Us

We are so deeply passionate about you feeling closer to the people around you…that we named our practice after it. Syndesi is the Greek word for Connection.

When we think about getting more out of life, we think about wanting deeper, richer life experiences, which start with connections within ourselves and with others.

You may feel the same. The longer that you got to know your partner, the more you invested in your professional path, the longer you stayed on that fantasy-like vacation…the more you got out of it. 

We want you to get more out of love and life, simply by getting more connected. But we know that this isn’t always so easy to do.

Conflicts, differing life goals, and surprise life changes may make it challenging to stay or feel connected. 

But we know, there is always a path. The question is…

Do you have the patience to wait until your mud settles and the water is clear?

Lao Tzu

After working with couples for thousands of appointments, we want to support you getting through to clear waters, because we are passionate about you getting the most out of your life and love.



Mollie Eliasof

CEO and Therapist


Alyssa Ashenfarb

Clinical Director and Therapist


Jacqueline McIntosh


We’re ready to help you connect. The question is...are you?