How to Spice Up Your Relationship

ways to spice up your relationship

You and your partner have gotten so comfortable with each other. During the quarantine (and maybe even beforehand), you two grew accustomed wearing sweats, cuddling on the couch, and eating frozen food for dinner. Variation in activities ceased, the conversation became bland, and you both lacked the energy to try new things or spice up […]

I think my partner is depressed… now what?

my partner is depressed

This is tough. You see your partner slowly deteriorating… they’re sleeping later, or not sleeping at all, they’re eating more or less than usual, and they’ve stopped wanting to engage with loved ones. They’re telling you that they’re sad and stuck, and you have no idea how to help.  The good news and the bad […]

15 Things You Can Do For Your Partner in 15 Seconds

things you can do for your partner

You have the intention of wanting to give your partner the world, but you just don’t have the time. With your career, the kids, maintaining friendships, balancing hobbies, plus the ~400 other things you have to do, remembering to tell your partner how much you love them just isn’t at the top of the “must-do” […]

Why did I cheat on my partner?

back view of a couple leaning on each other

To cheat on a partner… You’ve done it, and now you’re falling into a place of confusion, exhaustion, and guilt and/or shame. Infidelity is a painful and lonely experience for both parties. So, why is it so common?  The statistics on infidelity vary, but one thing is sure: sometimes, people cheat. And when they do, […]

How Do I Know It Is Time To Break Up?

a couple contemplating on knowing when it is time to break up

How do you know when it is time to break up with someone you love, or once loved? The red flags below are by no means comprehensive, but they are a good first step towards assessing whether it is time for you to walk away from something you once thought was forever.  You’ve been in […]

Our Thank You to Our Clients

Thank you from Syndesi Relationship Counseling

We are always looking for new ways to let you know how immensely grateful we are for you. It is crucial for us to express just how important your business and your human connection is to us.  We put a ton of effort into thinking of ways to let our clients know how much we […]

How to use the Stages of Change to your advantage​

woman in denim jacket talking about stages of change with a man

The springtime often signals us to find a general sense of refresh, routine in daily habits, and stages of change — hello, spring cleaning! But how many times have you promised yourself you’re going to get to exercising, to commit to reading one book a month, or to have that tough conversation you’ve been avoiding? […]

4 easy tips for when you’re not ready to see a couples counselor

couple talking in a coffeeshop

We know what it’s like– you and your partner have brushed over the idea of reaching out to a couples counselor post-argument quite a few times. One of you mentions it, the other says it might be a good idea, but then… nothing happens.  Don’t worry! This is normal. After noticing a problem, it takes […]

How To Revive Your Relationship By Remembering Who You Are

woman in the woods holding her lover's hand

You’ve always been one of those people who understand the importance of establishing your unique character and relishing in it. You took the time to develop who you are and have defined the things that you enjoy and are meaningful to you. You truly like who you’ve become. Of course, your partner loved who you were, […]

My partner is refusing couples counseling… help!

fighting couple, partner is refusing couples counseling

You two have been stuck for a while. You and your partner are having the same arguments, the same frustrations, the same headaches. It seems like your choice is between a screaming match or hours of silence. Finally, you gain the courage to chat with your partner about the potential for couples counseling. You have […]