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Couples therapy is a fantastic tool for many couples! If you’re feeling ready to push past areas where you’re stuck and want to get more out of your connection, couples therapy can be a great support in getting you there. Finding a strong match for your therapist can often be the tricky part. If you are interested in learning if we are a good fit for you, click here to learn more.

Our clients are practical and smart, so this is inevitably a popular question. We only work with insurance as an out of network provider. Since we know that the process can be confusing, if you choose to use your insurance, we help provide you with information about your benefits as well as submit your paid invoice for you. We do require that our clients pay your full investment at the time of session, and if you receive any reimbursement, it will come directly from your insurance company. Have more questions? Contact us here to learn more.

Our couples are driven towards making their relationship the best it can possibly be. So we’ve designed multiple options to get them there. Counseling is a great specialized service, getting the support you need for your unique connection to thrive outside our walls. Classes are excellent if you are more interested in an overview of the concepts and want to figure out application on your own time.

Many of our clients work around the world, stopping in NY as their home base. We understand that your schedule is important, but so is your relationship. The marathon session is a wonderful option for those with limited time, but a desire to see progress in your relationship dynamic sooner rather than later. It allows you to invest focused time and attention on one of your biggest investments -- your relationship.

Many of our clients begin attending therapy as a couple, and learn there is much more exploring to do within themselves as individuals. When this is the case, individual therapy is an essential component of couples therapy. Learning about the greater context of you and your story can help you grow as an individual, and increase the ability for your relationship to thrive as well. A little extra one-to-one support is available to a select few of our clients, when determined clinically necessary. 

We work with some of the most successful people in the NYC area. From feedback over the years, we understand that you appreciate our straightforward approach, and the value of honoring your time and the importance of your relationship. We match your ambition in life with our drive to help, and want you to thrive by providing you tools that you need to achieve your relationship and life goals.

As is the nature of therapy, it is inevitable that our therapists have individual styles. This keeps us on our toes and allows us the space to consistently grow and to provide the absolute best care to our clients. This also allows our clients to have a customized experience based on what they prefer.

This being said, each of our therapists are sure to prioritize deep connection, and are trained in providing you with the skills you need to create this in your relationships. To learn more about our therapists, click here.

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We are always looking for exceptional members to our team. If you are interested in joining us, please inquire at info@syndesicounseling.com

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